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Christmas Greetings 2014

From Dave Bezaire & Susi Havens-Bezaire

Banner by Susi Havens-Bezaire, wool on felt, 7' x 4'Although the daily news all too frequently reports rather depressing events, we look forward to the new year with abundant hope because everywhere we go we meet wonderful, concerned citizens giving their time and talent to make our world better—people like you!

“Reaching out” continued to be a fitting phrase for us in 2014 as we volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and American Red Cross and rolled out a Matching Gift program to promote charitable donations, and Susi shared her artistic talent at North Church. Read on

Sitka delight

Lox at LarkspurThis year’s Sitka Summer Music Festival is just getting underway, and although the first concert will be after our departure Saturday, we were treated to a wonderful preview tonight at the Larkspur Caffe. Having heard of this opportunity from some locals, we arrived early to be sure of a seat, and were pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of luscious treats on the menu. Fondue and lox appetizers, chowder, panini, and local Baranof Island Brewing Company Spruce Tips IPA and Dark Lagers were all excellent as we enjoyed conversation with other folks at our large table.

The real excitement began, however, Read on


A fantastic HfHI Carter Weekend!

We almost threw away the original Habitat invitation to the April Carter Weekend, but decided to RSVP  “yes” because we were very interested in learning more about the many new and collaborative programs that Habitat has initiated in the last few years. Imagine our surprise when we learned we were included in a small group of about 50 of HFHI’s top corporate and individual donors as well as national and international HfHI staff for a 3 day conference! Read on


Speaking of Alligators…

Wolf River near the Biker Bar A friendly stranger told me that the structure near my easel was the remains of the wild biker bar.  He also encouraged me to be very careful, because there were lots of alligators in the area. “How many and how big?” I asked.  He said “lots of  ’em – he saw a 12 footer a few days ago.” Read on

So… Are You Doing Any Work Down There?

Smiling Over Saw This is the “crunch” quarter for this affiliate. Each week one or more groups of new volunteers (many college students) will arrive for an action packed 5 days of construction. The affiliate anticipates that over 25 houses will be completed by early April.  That’s 25 families moving into safe, simple homes from FEMA trailers, over-crowed relatives homes, or sub-standard apartments! Read on