The tinkling sound of glass

When your house bounces along the road day after day, eventually things break loose. And break. This can give rise to many elementary science lessons.

Broken sink

The toilet paper stored below is NOT supposed to be visible through the sink!

For instance, if an object falls four feet while the RV is rounding a curve and lands 18 inches offline from straight down, what speed is the RV moving? Although the physics to answer this might be daunting, empirical evidence is easy. We always drive 55 mph.

This leads to an advanced materials question. When a glass light-fixture globe strikes a vitreous china lavatory sink, which of them breaks? Where a scientist might need to calculate tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, chemical formula and crystalline structure, RVers already know the answer: both!

Faulty fixture

Fixture less it’s glass globe.

When investigation all of the other light fixtures in the RV revealed one more hanging by a thread, today’s biology question arose. What kind of nut would be most likely to travel across the USA in the spring before falling free to root in eastern California? While the evidence seems to indicate that this happens with 1/8″ brushed-nickel capnuts, I think the real nut is the driver who never checked them before departure!

Intact fixture

Fixture with newly tightened retaining nuts.

Fortunately, replacing a sink and a fixture globe are not terribly difficult tasks, so wish me luck finding parts that will fit.

2 comments on The tinkling sound of glass

  1. By Jai

    I wish I had seen this post whist you were still in the desert and could have made a solar glass kiln out of a box lined with tin foil and then made your glass globe and repaired the sink by melting desert sand! DIY RVing at it’s best, I’m sure an engineer and and artist could do this task without a chemist on board.

    1. By Dave Post author

      Now that’s some creative thinking, Jai! Of course, since I’ve been trained as an OSHA “Competent Person” (ain’t that a hoot!!! but it’s true!), I’d probably have to have another trailer full of safety gear to pull all this off!

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