Wealth Inequality in America

Please take a look at the short video Wealth Inequality in America that politizane posted on YouTube. It illustrates the disparity I wrote about last fall in a post titled Income, wealth, and hope. Although I have not verified the actual numbers represented in this video myself, all of them seem to be consistent with what I found in my research.

The video superbly portrays the magnitude of wealth concentration in our country today. In my opinion it could have been even stronger by highlighting the fact that this is more skewed in the United States of America than anyplace else in the world. I would also like to see an even more dramatic treatment of the trends in income and wealth concentration over the past half century.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if journalists like Stephen Ohlemacher of the Associated Press brought this type of balancing view into articles such as Tax bills for rich families close to 30-year high that we saw in several newspapers yesterday?